Who We Are

Haver Filling Systems, Inc. has secured a leading position in the North American marketplace concerning material handling, weighing, filling and classification technology. We specialize in the handling and packaging of solid dry bulk materials, liquids and pasty products. We carry a wide range of diversified systems with different degrees of automation for individual applications and requirements.

As a high quality bag packaging manufacturer, our focus is to conduct our research and development alongside our customers' needs and requirements.

Our creative and active company culture helps our employees deliver high performance and quality services with the customer always in mind. Our employees are the foundation and guarantee of our company. -Read More-


Our references can be found locally within the USA, as well as globally. Therefore, we can provide you with any type of application reference, along with site visits to see our material handling and packaging equipment in action. -Read More-

The HAVER Group

The HAVER Group is known worldwide and provides services anywhere there is a need to be filled. -Read More-


Haver Filling Systems, Inc. offers an international work experience everyday. We are a German based multinational material handling and packaging equipment manufacturer and are consistently working with individuals from all over the world making our experience and knowledge unique. -Read More-


  • PMMI - Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

  • IOPP - Institute of Packaging Professionals

  • IAOM - International Association of Operative Millers

  • PFI - Petfood Industry

  • PSSMA - Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturers' Association, Inc.

  • ACAA - American Coal Ash Association

  • PPC - Petroleum Packaging Council

  • IPCMA - International Packaged Concrete Manufacturers Association

  • SMA - Stucco Manufacturers Association


Haver Filling Systems, Inc. is focused on staying on top of the safety of its employees and customers. As a result it strives to make sure to meet all the industry requirements when it comes to safety not only here at home but also abroad.



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