Can Filling Technology

A range of products are available that have been designed to meet your requirements for filling cans.

You can choose from our semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines. We also can offer complete systems for fully automatic packaging processes through the combination of our filling equipment with our conveyor and palletizing system.

Technologies Available for Can Filling:

Semi-Automatic Systems

Type 4

The Type 4 is a simple cost effective solution for can filling. It is considered part of our Slim Line and use for the “just fill” concept.

Type 14

The Type 14 is part of our Compact Line and follows the same concept of the Type 4 but increases capacity and allows for more added features.

Automatic Systems

Type 63-68

The Type 63-68 are compact yet extremely powerful fillers. Our conveyor is placed in a U shape or straight line to allow the operation to supply cans and caps or plugs in the most effective way.

Type 63-68

The Filling Mode

Your Product Characteristics And Container Shape Determine The Filling Mode.


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