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Form Fill Seal Technology

BEHN + BATES offers the filling of food type powder and granular products into plastic bags in stationary and rotating systems. Our proven food grade FFS systems meet your demands for efficiency, high product protection and longer shelf life.

Technologies Available For Form Fill Seal:

For Powder


ADAMS® 1 is a stationary FFS filling system. This system provides a dust-free and well-suctioned filling area throughout the packer ensuring cleanliness during the packing process.

ADAMS® 2-12

ADAMS® 2 - 12 are rotating high-performance filling systems. We have brought together the technology of our ROTO PACKER® and our FFS technology, creating an unbeatable packing solution.

For Granules

FFS 600

The FFS 600 is designed for free-flowing food type granulated products of up to 600 bags per hour.

FFS 1000

The FFS 1000 is designed to fill micro-granular, gritty granular food type products. This FFS machine can fill at a capacity of 1,000 bags per hour.

FFS 2000

The FFS 2000 is the solution for high-speed filling of large volumes of loose and bulk food type products, and reaches production rates of 2,000 bags per hour.

FFS 2500

The FFS 2500 is designed to fill free-flowing granulated and grainy bulk food type materials at a capacity of up to 2,400 bags per hour.

For Liquid

FFS Liquid

The FFS Liquid is for filling pasty and liquid products into tubular PE film bags with rates of 600 bags per hour.

FFS 600


Our Packaging Machines Use State
of The Art Weighing Technology.

  • Net Weighers

  • Gross Weighers



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