Liquid Filling

Feige Filling Technology is the brand of HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. responsible for the turn-key packaging systems for filling of liquid and pasty products into drums, pails, cans and IBCs. From semi-automatic filling stations up to fully automatic filling plants for liquid and pasty products combined with storage system, conveyors or palletizing system.

Technologies Available for Liquid and Pasty Filling:

Drum Filling Technology

Our gravimetric filling of drums has been designed to meet the needs of your industry. We provide semi to fully automatic systems.

Pallet Filling Technology

Our pallet filling systems provide you with the perfect bulk filling solution and at the highest quality on the market.

Can Filling Technology

Part of our can filling systems are cost-effective SlimLine can fillers that have been designed to meet the "just fill" concept.

Pail Filling Technology

Following our concept of plug and fill, our pail filling systems are pre-configured to deliver quality.

Bag Filling Technology

Our bag filler works for liquids, viscous and pasty products. Creating a keep it simple solution for your liquid bagging needs.

Conveyor Systems

We have a conveying systems for all your container needs. From single drums to multiple pallets, we can help.

Palletizing Systems

Our range of palletizing systems includes push, vacuum and robotic solutions.

Drum Filling

The Filling Mode

Your Product Characteristics And Container Shape Determine The Filling Mode.


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