Material Handling

IBAU HAMBURG is the brand of HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. responsible for plant engineering, plant components and material handling operations. IBAU HAMBURG works in three areas:

  • Cement Industry

  • Coal-fired Power Plants

  • Alumina Industry

We have over 30 years of creative engineering and rank among the top players in the field of bulk loading and silo technology in all kinds of land and marine applications, ranging from single state-of-the-art components to entire turnkey plants. We offer experience, expertise and quality.

Components engineered by IBAU HAMBURG incorporated into IBAU plant engineering are the key for a well-functioning plant. Our scope of supply includes the planning of complex plants up to the development and construction of single components such as:

  • Screw Pump

  • Mixer

  • Flow Control Gate

  • Simplex Loader

  • Bulk Loading Chute

  • Lump Crusher

  • Two-Way Valve

  • Discharger

  • Jet Conveyor

  • Airlift

Two-Way Valve


Our Services Focus on Providing State of The Art Material Handling Options.

  • Plant Design

  • Custom Components

  • EPC-Contracting


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