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Haver Filling Systems Expands Facility To Increase Capacity, Continue Responsive Service

Haver Filling Systems, Inc. (HFS), a leading provider of bulk material packaging solutions and filling equipment, is expanding its Conyers, Ga. facility to increase production capacity.

HFS assembles German-engineered packaging and filling machines in the Conyers facility. The machines, which are used for dry bulk solid, liquid and pasty materials, include the Haver, Feige and Behn + Bates brands. The expansion will add 4,300 square feet to the existing 14,000-square-foot assembly warehouse, and HFS expects it to be completed by the end of 2013. The larger facility will help HFS handle increasing demand and accommodate assembly of additional product lines that HFS offers.

HFS Marketing Manager Gudrun Gibson says demand has been growing and the additional space also will increase the area available for test machines and lab analysis services. “This expansion allows us to improve our ability to offer the most technologically advanced filling equipment solutions and to ensure we continue to have the flexibility we need to be responsive to customers.”

The Haver Service Pad combines the machine’s PLC controller capabilities and weighing controls with mobile technology that provides the ability to monitor and analyze performance, order parts and video conference live with Haver service technicians.

Haver Filling Systems Service Pad Provides Optimal Production Capacities

A new handheld tablet device from Haver Filling Systems is placing near-immediate equipment diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance in the hands of the company’s customers.

Haver recently introduced its industrial grade tablet, the Haver Service Pad. This is for businesses that use automated equipment to fill dry bulk materials. It provides a huge benefit for machine operators and plant managers by helping provide optimal production capacities.

“The Haver Service Pad is a technological advancement in the filling and packaging industries,” said Bernd Steppeler, design engineer at Haver Filling Systems. “This device not only takes a service process that traditionally might have taken days and transforms it into minutes, it also provides improved performance monitoring and maintenance protocols.”

The Haver Service Pad combines the machine’s PLC controller capabilities and weighing controls with mobile technology that provides the ability to monitor and analyze performance, order parts and video conference live with Haver service technicians.

The Haver Service Pad is linked to every component within the machine through a wireless connection. The software knows exactly how each part should operate and, when it isn’t working properly, it provides the appropriate analytics to managers and operators. When a problem occurs, the Service Pad allows an operator to get almost instantaneous feedback Haver’s service team members. The service technicians walk the operator through the steps necessary for diagnosing the problem and then help the operator determine the best way to address it. For these kinds of situations, machine operators use the Service Pad to communicate with Haver technicians while standing in front of their equipment.

The Service Pad also helps streamline parts ordering and delivery. With it, a machine operator can pull up specific parts when it’s time to replace or restock them. The operator simply identifies which part is needed and places an electronic order directly through the mobile device.

Finally, operators can use the device to schedule reminders for routine maintenance checkups to help ensure equipment is kept running at peak efficiency at all times.

A New Group Member, Expanding Our Line-Up

With a signature on the dotted line of the contract in Paris on May 29, 2012, HAVER & BOECKER Holding GmbH will take over 100% share of Newtec Bag Palletizing from the Newtec International Group S.A.

Newtec Bag Palletizing is a renowned manufacturer of automatic palletizing systems with headquarters in Illzach, France. It has over 1200 references, mainly in the chemical, agricultural and building materials industries. Newtec Bag Palletizing will be an independently operating Group company.

This acquisition significantly strengthens the HAVER & BOECKER Group, which now together with companies like IBAU, Feige Filling and Behn + Bates is able to deliver complete storage, packing and loading systems for bulk materials and liquids of premium quality – everything from a single supplier. With this reinforcement, the HAVER & BOECKER Group now feels it is well-equipped to compete with European quality against especially the growing competition from India.

With the acquisition of Newtec Bag Palletizing, a renowned manufacturer of automatic palletizing systems, HAVER & BOECKER becomes a full-liner.

The Manufacturing of Explosion Proof Bag Packaging Machines

After assembling the first INTEGRA® at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. in 2009, we now have the ability to manufacture the explosion proof INTEGRA® with DEKRA EXAM GmbH Certification.

DEKRA EXAM GmbH performed an audit on Friday, April 13, 2012, for acceptance of the EG-Type examination and the certification of quality management of production according to guideline 94/9EG (Explosion Protection Guideline) at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC.

By becoming certified HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC., no longer requires complex single audits by the certification governing authority and allows standardized machines with explosion-proof zones to be checked and approved by qualified HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. or HAVER & BOECKER staff. This signifies a considerable reduction of expenditures for the organization as well as the elimination of high single audit costs.

Paul Ribka, Executive Vice President of HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC., thanked all involved parties of the DEKRA EXAM GmbH and of HAVER & BOECKER for the collaboration and technical support.

The DEKRA seal was handed over to Paul Ribka, Executive Vice President

A Change of Leadership at HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC.

Dear Clients, Associates and Friends,

“…the only constant in life is change”. And change of the leadership of Haver Filling Systems, Inc. is what we would like to announce.

Effective beginning of April, Thomas Reckersdrees will leave the Haver Group. After thirty-two years with Haver, Thomas has resigned his position as Vice President in order to start his own Consulting & Manufacturers Representation business. We very much appreciate Thomas for his dedicated service and all he has achieved for the Haver Group. We wish Thomas the best for his new endeavors.

The leadership role will be pursued by Paul Ribka, who joined Haver Filling Systems, Inc. as Vice President on April 1, 2012. Before joining the Haver Group, Paul worked as a Management Consultant for the global consulting company Accenture in Germany. He holds business degrees from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich as well as from the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. We welcome Paul to the Haver Group and wish him success and prosperity with the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Haver Group was able to prepare this transition in management well in advance. Hence we can assure you the continuation of the high standards in our products and services to which you have become accustomed to.

Left to Right: Thomas Reckersdrees, Dr. Reinhold Festge, Paul Ribka

Faster Than Fast - High Capacity Filling Rates and Minimum Space Requirements Were The Goals to Meet

The latest developed TOPLINE 2000 – a machine out of the TOPLINE SERIES – will be showcased by HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. in cooperation with its affiliated company BEHN + BATES America at this year's Pack Expo in Las Vegas from September 26 – 28, 2011.

The TOPLINE 2000 is a sophisticated machine design for the high-speed filling of granular products, e. g. pet food, rice, seed, salt, fertilizer, plastic pallets and more. The machine is designed to fill these and other bulk products into open-mouth bags made of paper, PE or woven PP.

Benefits, such as minimum space requirements and hourly output rates of up to 1,800 bags are remarkable.

Needing just 1 filling spout and 2 net weighers sets the TOPLINE 2000 apart from conventional bag packing systems, which usually require 2 filling spouts and 3 - 4 net weighers. Also the integration of a vertical bag magazine is another feature which leads to additional space savings. While conventional systems use horizontal bag magazines of which the installation length depends on the requested storage and machine capacity. The advantage for the TOPLINE 2000's vertical bag magazine is obvious: Less Space – Greater Cost Savings.

In addition, the machine is equipped with 2 operator displays and is setup for e-commerce. One of the displays is mounted on a telescopic arm and allows easy spare parts ordering via HMI.

Companies are undertaking major initiatives by improving their production facilities to keep them environmentally friendly. Energy consumption must be reduced and bag materials need to be minimized. The new TOPLINE 2000 uses servo-driven motors that are automatically switched on and off depending on the chosen bagging process. Furthermore, it can handle the smallest bag overlaps and new bags made of thinner materials which are also extremely tear-resistant.

The TOPLINE 2000 is the most economical solution for filling granulated products, especially pet food. The U.S. market is one of the most active and competitive markets for pet food. The growth in the pet food industry has primarily been driven by the humanization of pets. This has led to a variety of opportunities for suppliers, as market requirements for pet food broadens and therefore the importance of accurate processing and hygienic packaging is increasing.

Conyers/Georgia, May 13th - HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS' Ribbon Cutting & 4th Technical Symposium - September 2 - 3, 2010

HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. has grown steadily since its establishment more than thirty years ago. We are happy to announce that after breaking ground in 2009 we will be hosting our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Conyers, Georgia.

Our new facility allows us to accommodate our present rate of expansion and to make room for future growth. Further we have created a framework to begin a production/assembly process.

At the same time we take this opportunity to invite our guest to attend the 4th HAVER Technical Symposium to learn the latest developments in the field of material handling, bagging and filling of dry bulk materials and liquids.

The new facility represents a milestone in the Haver history and is a declaration of faith in the U.S. market and the State of Georgia as an industrial location.

The new plant is built next to the already existing 10,000 sq ft. building by adding another 8,000 sq ft. office- and 8,000 sq ft. warehouse space.

The new facility has already opened up the production/assembly process and creates a framework for manufacturing the machine type "INTEGRA" initially. The future goal is to steady add other machine types to the manufacturing process and to convert to local production.

HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. is a subsidiary of the Machinery Division HAVER & BOECKER, a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality packing equipment for valve bag and open-mouth technology as well as FFS technology for dry bulk solids. The company was established in the Americas in Harrison/New York in 1977. To expand operations, HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. moved in 1989 to its own building with 4,000 square feet of office space and 6,000 square of stock area in Conyers, Georgia, only 30 miles from Atlanta.

The German based, family owned company Haver & Boecker started its business in 1925 with the manufacturing of packing machines for the cement industry and is known as trendsetting when it comes to innovative packing technology.

The announcement is an important element of the company's overall U.S. strategy of connecting with its customers and increasing its competitiveness. It will create opportunities, which will benefit the local economy for years to come.

Haver & Boecker now a UL-certified control cabinet builder

Today 140 control cabinet manufacturers in Germany are authorised to approve control cabinets built according to the UL standard. Since August 2008 Haver & Boecker has been among them. This makes the German packaging specialist one of the approximately 4,000 companies worldwide that can now fulfil this demanding American standard. This is yet another big success for the family-owned company located in Oelde, Germany, and it will save its North American and Canadian customers a lot of money when it comes to documentation and acceptance testing. For Haver & Boecker this represents a big step in eliminating bureaucratic red tape.

In mid July at Haver headquarters in Oelde, an exemplary final acceptance of control cabinets was conducted by Tim Fitzjarrald of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing and certification office in the USA. Switch cabinets for the INTEGRA, ROTO-PACKER, external control systems and RADIMAT were tested. Haver employees learned about the requirements of the UL 508A standards for industrial control cabinets in various training sessions and seminars. This knowledge is essential for building UL-conforming control cabinets for the North American markets, or to have them built externally and then later apply the UL label.

The UL label confirms that the legally applicable regulations in the USA and Canada are fully complied to. This simplifies the work of the local inspectors (Authorities Having Jurisdiction – AHJ) whenever putting equipment into operation in North America and minimises the risk of a shut-down of a new machine or an entire line, thus reducing rework and additional deliveries.

Already at the end of July, 20 control cabinets of an open order could be outfitted with the first UL labels from the USA.

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