Haver Filling Systems, Inc. provides a quality resource in material handling and in the production of bag packaging and liquid and pasty filling equipment for North, Central and South America. Our high-quality packaging equipment is specialized in filling various types of dry bulk materials, liquids and pasty products.

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Dry Bulk Solid Packaging

Haver Filling Systems, Inc. has a packaging solution for any type of dry, bulk material from cement and chemicals to fly ash.

Food Packaging

Behn + Bates is the brand of Haver Filling Systems, Inc., specialized in the packaging of all food related products.

Liquid Filling

Feige Filling Technology is the brand of Haver Filling Systems, Inc., responsible for the turn-key packaging systems for filling liquid and pasty products into drums, pails, cans and IBCs.

Material Handling

IBAU HAMBURG is the brand of Haver Filling Systems, Inc. responsible for bulk loading, material handling and storage equipment in all kinds of land and marine applications.


NEWTEC Bag Palletizing is the brand of HAVER FILLING SYSTEMS, INC. responsible for the palletizing of all bagged products.

Analytic Testing

Our field-tested analysis instruments lead to economical packaging solutions for loose bulk materials. They allow process-relevant product properties to be measured and recorded.

Form Fill Seal Packaging


Our Packaging Machines Use State of The Art Weighing Technology.

  • Net Weighers

  • Gross Weighers


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