Open Mouth Bag: TOPLINE® 300


TOPLINE® 300 is ideal for the filling of food type powder and flour products. The key to our machine is that the entire bagging process from the bag supply to the filling and bag closure occurs in a compact, dust-proof, food grade sealed housing.


  • Closed and Accessible Roof Cover

  • Closed Machine Profiles

  • No Spot Welding

  • Closed Machine Bottom

  • Air Supply Adjustment Accessible form Outside

  • Special Surface Treatment to Reduce Product Residue


  • Capacity: up to 5 bags/min

  • Weighing Range: up to 55 lbs.

To learn more details, please download the Open Mouth product brochure.


  • Net Weighers

  • Gross Weighers

To learn more details, please download the MEC® product brochure.


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