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BEHN + BATES Pneumatic Packer Type 1SX-US

Filling system for the filling of all free-flowing floury, powdery and gritty products into valve bags, equipped with ultrasound sealing system and automatic discharge. Depending on the product and the filling weight, hourly outputs of up to 300 bags are possible with filled weights from 22 to 110 lbs (10 to 50 kilograms). The modern MEC III weighing electronics guarantees optimum bag weights.

US $65,000.00


Using the HAVER® BAG DROP TESTER, drop tests of filled bags can be carried out effectively. Filled bags weighing up to 25 kg and with maximum dimensions of 900 x 700 mm are elevated to an adjustable height and then dropped either flat or standing up. The results allow conclusions to be drawn on the bag's quality and toughness.

Especially the bag's welded seams are often subjected to high loads, for example when stacked on pallets. In addition to the toughness of a packaging material and its welded seams, this unit also allows the integrity of perforations and embossing to be assessed.

US $19,500.00

Used Equipment


Our Packaging Machines Use State of The Art Weighing Technology.

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