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Valve Bag Filling Technology

BEHN + BATES's packaging equipment for the filling of dry bulk food grade products into valve bags offers various flexible packaging solutions. We provide the widest range of options for the type of system your industry needs.

Technologies Available For Valve Bag Filling:

Inline Packers

BEHN + BATES offers several options for inline packers for filling valve bags – Vertical Impeller, Horizontal Impeller, Air-Type and Pump Packer, the system solely depends on your product.


When filling building materials, minerals, chemical products as well as food and feed, the ROTOSEAL System is the solution to the problem of dirty industrial bag packaging.


The INTEGRA® is a complete, factory-assembled, turnkey valve bag filling system that is quickly installed on-site and put into operation.


The miniseal® allows for filling small packages. We make filling powder-like materials in valve bags with a volume of just half a gallon.

Bag Applicator

The BEHN + BATES valve bag applicators are uncompromised designs for stationary and rotating packing machines.



Our Packaging Machines Use State
of The Art Weighing Technology.

  • Net Weighers

  • Gross Weighers



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